Meet Fiona the Fiat

After we closed on our new house, but before The Big Move (photos to come soon), I drove my beloved Nissan Murano over to wait on furniture delivery. After attempting to pull into the garage on the left bay (my agreed-upon side since Husband’s Nissan Pathfinder would occupy the larger right bay), I realized my car wouldn’t fit. Per new construction inspection code, a pole has been placed in front of the water heater to ensure folks don’t drive into it. The pole is about 3 inches shy of allowing my Murano to fit into the garage. After a bit of frantic hysterics, I calmed down and called Husband to explain the situation. Then the Builder. Then my Dad.

After discussing the predicament with the Builder, we determined Husband & I could either:

(A) attempt to remove/move the pole ourselves and possibly do damage to the floor, or

(B) I might need to look into getting a smaller vehicle (my idea).

Husband thought I shouldn’t rush to call my Dad to discuss. But I did, because who listens to older, wiser Husband? Not this gal!

I had been looking at Fiats for fun, because my dear friend H has one and absolutely loves it. Fast forward to Saturday, when I found myself at the dealership about to go on a short test drive with H’s preferred salesman, Nick. Needless to say, I fell in love instantly.

Nick immediately got to work finding the exact vehicle I wanted (500x), since it wasn’t available on their lot  – the perfect interior and exterior colors, trim level, and features. He quickly found it and proceeded to have it brought in from a dealer in New Jersey.


I’m so excited!



Husband trying to squeeze Boo’s carseat into the new tiny car!

With a bit of sadness, we traded in Husband’s Pathfinder and I am now the proud owner of a Fiat (Husband kept my Murano.) I can’t wait to see where the road takes me with Fiona.

What impulse buy have you made lately? Are you happy with your decision or did you have buyer’s remorse? Tell me about it in the comments!

Until next time,






2 thoughts on “Meet Fiona the Fiat

  1. Hi Lindsay!! This is actually a pretty adorable story. Also, super jealous yall have a Murano. I travel a lot for work and get free upgrades on my car rentals, and I always get a murano if they’re available. love love love them!

    My current vehicle (CR-V) was a bit of an impulse buy, too 🙂 I had always wanted a small SUV and now that I live in the PNW, my prius just wasn’t cutting it. I hike a lot and was finding myself having to turn around on the gravel/dirt roads to trailheads because the prius couldn’t make it. Very sad. So I got an AWD CR-V and have ZERO regrets! Love my car 🙂

    Most of my impulse buys aren’t so $$$$$, but I rarely find I really regret them 🙂 If it’s “stuff” I will sometimes take it home and contemplate it there, then return it if I find I’m not interested.

    Congrats on Fiona! She’s beautiful and I hope y’all have many adventures together!!!


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