Not Simply Passenger(s): Our Weekend in Nashville

After we signed the contract on our new house around Labor Day 2016, I found out that my favorite performer, Passenger, would be coming to Nashville to do a show at The Ryman in April.

Having seen Passenger perform in Nashville previously (Summer 2014 at Marathon Music Works) I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him again live, especially at such a famous venue that I had never gotten to see before. Husband and I don’t exactly agree on music, but he’s always up for a kid-free weekend away. So I feverishly hopped online to buy tickets.

Conveniently, April is the month of our wedding anniversary (the 18th, to be exact), so I’m always looking for something fun and special to do during the month.

Fast forward to April… we closed on the new house on April 7, packed our bags, and headed to Nashville for the night of April 8.

Our first stop was my absolute favorite brewery, Black Abbey. We split a flight of their delicious beers and then headed to our hotel to check-in.


We wandered around downtown for a while, then headed over to The Ryman for the show. I had heard about the cutest cafe right next door that I had to check out. Cafe Lula did not disappoint. They have a kitchen with a pretty impressive menu for such a small space, a full cocktail bar that includes craft beer, and a good wine selection. We each enjoyed a cocktail and a cookie, then headed inside.


Our seats were in the balcony. I had been nervous that they might not be that good, since it was hard to find tickets, even when purchasing the morning they went on sale. I ended up being really happy with our seats. What a beautiful space!



The concert was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I missed the opening act since I spent the whole time in the merchandise line (couldn’t pass up that feathers shirt in the pic below!) But the rest of the night was fabulous. Passenger was hilarious, thoughtful, and perfect.

The following morning we found our way to Frothy Monkey. A yummy coffee shop I had found on a previous trip. Turns out they make a killer breakfast, too!


All in all, it was a wonderful whirlwind weekend getaway and we can’t wait to go back. We may even bring Boo along next time.

What kind of fun vacation/stay-cation spots have you found? Leave me some tips in the comments!

Until next time,



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