Likes, Loves, & Needs: May

We are nearly through with the month of May already…looks like it’s time to publish my Likes, Loves, & Needs for the month!



  • Anyone who knows me knows about my coffee and travel mug addiction. I have an entire cabinet in the kitchen of our new house devoted to my collection. After a second stop at my new favorite coffeehouse Honeybee, I had to pick up one of their logo KeepCup mugs. It has now become my go-to for taking small hot or iced drinks with me. I had been reading about KeepCups for a while, as they are a favorite of one of my favorite bloggers, Lindsay Ingalls a.k.a. Running with Tongs. The shape of the lid is perfect, it feels great in your hand, and the glass version that I have really ups the “coffee drinking experience” that I like to have. Check them out!


  • Dogwood Arts Festival on Market Square is an event that makes it on our family’s calendar every year. The festival is a great showcase of regional artisans, makers, local food, and other treats.  I got a custom bronze “namaste” bangle made by an amazing jewelry maker from Savannah! Bring some cash and take the whole family downtown for a day of fun.



  • I get to move the previously mentioned Tieks into this category. Right after I wrote last month’s Likes, Loves, & Needs post I decided to take the plunge. I bought 2 pairs, matte black & taupe. I am in love with these incredibly well-made ballet flats. I wear them with everything – work clothes, shorts, dresses. I can’t recommend them enough!


  • Honeybee Coffee is my new hangout. They serve gourmet coffee, craft beer, and yummy snacks. I often visit the West location during the work week, and the South location is great during weekend visits downtown. I highly recommend a stop at this shop – it’s sure to be a real treat!



  • I’m beginning to clue into the fact that my beloved cell phone is GROSS. I take it with me everywhere…Boo loves to put her sticky fingers all over it… so I am going to investigate Wireless Wipes. Who has used them? What’s the story? Are they the best thing ever, or a complete waste?
  • This was my first year to watch the Kentucky Derby. Feel free to reference this post for a brief review of my newest after work enjoyment, bourbon. I even impressed myself by making my first ever Mint Julep. It was delightful. What else do I need to throw an amazing Derby Party for 144 next year? C’mon horse race loving friends…let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Likes, Loves, & Needs on Lindsay Overshares. Have an idea for a product I might love? Tell me about it in the comments!

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Likes, Loves, & Needs: May

  1. Very useful, interesting information written in entertaining prose. Thank you for “over-sharing” Lindsay! I look forward to what you are in to next! Mom


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