The Big Move

Now that we’ve been in our new house for about 2 months, I think I’m finally at a place where I can share the story of The Big Move.

As mentioned in this post, we closed on our house on April 7. Due to a scheduling conflict, our movers had to change our scheduled move out date to Sunday, April 9 instead of Monday. I was initially quite upset about this, but it turned out to be the biggest blessing. At 9:00 pm when the last box was unloaded from the truck on Sunday night, we were able to head to bed and get an early start on Monday, instead of losing the whole day.

We are about 90% complete on moving in and have been since Wednesday, April 12. All that’s left are Husband’s office, the garage, and our storage unit. As we are hoping to live in this house “forever”, there’s not a lot of pressure to complete the last 3 tasks – but we know we need to get them done sooner rather than later (or else I will REALLY get grumpy!)

Settling in has proved harder than any of us thought. Our dogs, Oliver and Jillian, had a lot of trouble adjusting to the new space. Oliver’s separation anxiety ramped up and Jillian let her frustration be known multiple times on my new wool rug in the living room.

Our 4 year old Boo has the entire upstairs to herself, since the master bedroom is on the main floor. We thought this would be a perfect plan, until she expressed nervousness about it 2 weeks before we moved in. She has now begun waking up every night, usually in the middle of the night, with any number of concerns. Boo has always been an excellent sleeper, so this new habit has been a surprise for us all. When I take time to really think about it – I don’t blame her. I think it would be tough to move out of the only house you’ve ever known, into a new house where you are now sleeping upstairs by yourself. We are working on helping her with the transition, little by little. We know it will all resolve itself in time.

All that to say we are madly in love with the location of our new home, and we know that it was the best decision for our family. We are now only a 10 minute drive from her preschool (it used to be 25 minutes in good traffic) and a half mile’s walk from her future elementary school. We are much closer to many of the friends she’s made in preschool and also love being in a space we are proud to invite friends and family to see.

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We are so excited to learn more about our new neighborhood and hope to make at least half as many wonderful memories here, as we did in our first home.

Until next time,



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