All is Well with My Soul: A Lesson in Why You Need to take that Girls Trip

Near the end of June I was afforded the fantastic opportunity to visit my best friend A in her home of Hilton Head Island, SC.

A and I have been friends since college. We got to be really close several years ago, but then life took her to HHI. She seems to love it there, and being able to visit such a neat place is great – but I think we would both agree it has gotten harder to make time for each other now that true adulting has really set in (she & her husband travel all the time for work and Husband & I have our Boo).

I finally decided in the late spring that I wasn’t going to let our distance get in the way of seeing each other anymore (& let’s face it – over time, she’s done a much better job of visiting us then we have or visiting her). I bought a plane ticket and started planning my outfits.

I flew into the HHI airport, which is teeny for those who have not ever arrived there. I spent the entire flight talking to the girl sitting next to me, a 20-something chef from Denver who was brilliant & had lots to say. I’m usually the “headphones in, don’t talk to me” type on airplanes, but she was so friendly & interesting I couldn’t miss the opportunity. We definitely got some side eye from other passengers due to the noisy plane & the necessity to talk to each other pretty loudly…but I don’t think either one of us cared.

I arrived on Friday afternoon. A picked me up and we immediately made a bee line for the closest Target, as I realized I had forgotten my precious charger at home. Leave it to me to make my first stop on my anxiously-awaited weekend island getaway be Target!

Later on, we met her husband for some fresh seafood at Bluffton Seafood House, based on the recommendation of their friend. Turns out neither one of them had been before, but it was delightful! After dinner, A was thoughtful enough to drive me around in search of some local craft beer. I didn’t end up finding any, but I followed the recommendation of the guys at the shop we found and picked up this bourbon barrel-aged Tangerine Quad by Avery Brewing. It was amazing! If that sounds like your sort of thing – definitely try to find some.

We stayed up “late” (maybe midnight by this always-tired Momma’s  memory) on Friday  night talking about the big stuff…our current life paths, our futures, how we’re going to keep our friendship strong. It was much-needed and much enjoyed.

On Saturday morning, we ventured back over to Bluffton to have breakfast at the cutest little place called The Cottage. It was delicious. A’s tea was served in a kettle wrapped in a handmade coozie! I can’t recommend this place enough if you’re up  & around early (they’re quite small, so you could face a wait). And you know me, I can’t leave a quaint shop that sells coffee mugs without bringing one home. It was my first official (non-Target) purchase of the trip!

Next up we ventured to the Spartina 449 flagship store. I had been lusting after these linen and leather accessories for what seemed like forever, but I just couldn’t make the decision to purchase. Being in the store changed all of that. I left with 2 beautiful bags (summer and fall, of course) and coordinating wallets…one was even on sale! Since coming home, they’ve become by favorite bags and I can’t wait for the next season to start so I can carry another new one.

On Saturday afternoon we found ourselves on Hilton Head Island to do some touristy shopping. I had to visit Salty Dog Cafe as Husband & Boo needed some trinkets from my trip, too! We wandered around for a while, but then found ourselves hot, tired, parched, & hungry. I bellied up to the bar and ordered a new-to-me beer, Bell’s Oberon.  You know me, I fell in love with it immediately. If you like wheat ale with a little hop and a little fruit, give this one a try. It’s an easy summer sipper, for sure.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to rest, relaxation, and of course more eating. I had local seafood at every opportunity and my time spent with A and her husband could not have been better.

I will definitely try to make this trip an annual, or at least more often, occurrence. If you’re on the fence about going on that much needed getaway, I can’t recommend it highly enough. You will enjoy it. Your friend(s) will enjoy it. What have you got to lose?

Until next time,



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